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Who Knows You?

What's your story? Who knows your story? How are you telling your story?

With over 1.3 million real estate agents in the US, according to NAR, setting yourself apart as the go to agent is challenging.

Without a doubt, branding and marketing yourself as a professional real estate agent is a full time job, especially if you want to be successful in this industry. But where do you start?

Should you post to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter???????? It's all so much!

Take a deep breath and just start somewhere! There is no magic step by step guide for posting a specific picture at a specific time of the day that will generate more followers and more sales for you. The trick is to be consistent and add value.

Consistency is the name of the game. Post, Post, Post. But what do you post?

  1. Photos: Have a new listing? Post a photo. Working at your desk? Post a photo.

  2. Videos: Video Tour of your home. Whether you hire a professional for a cinematic video tour or you use your phone, post a video of your listing. Shoot a "day in the life" video. People are genuinely curious about what others do for a living. What better way to engage your followers and capture more eyeballs than to show them what it's like to work in your industry. I'm sure most of your friends think you just show a home and get paid a boat load of money and only work 10 hours a week!

  3. Market Updates: What's going on in your current local market? Is it a buyers market, a sellers market, or is it neutral? Let your audience know.

The more you post on a consistent basis the more professional you will appear and the more clients you will get. Everyone wants to work with the best.

SO! What value do you bring? Keep in mind that value can and will be perceived differently by each individual. Every single realtor will put their clients home on the MLS which will then syndicate out to every major website. There's nothing special about that. What are you doing beyond the norm? What is your wow value factor? Please don't let your wow factor be a reduce in your commission! Use these wow factors instead.

  1. Professional Photos:

  2. Custom Property Website: www.123 Main

  3. Homeowner Video: Interview with the owners in regards to what they love about the home and neighborhood.

  4. 3D virtual tours

  5. Cinematic Lifestyle Video

  6. Drone/Aerial shots

Delivering WOW Value isn't hard it just takes time and effort.

We would love to help you be more consistent and add max value.

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