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Attention Hog... 10 tips to grab all the buyers attention!

You’ve made the wise choice to hire a professional photographer to take your listing photos. Smart decision. However, no matter how good the photographer, they can only capture what you give them to work with.

The secret behind amazing real estate photos is the staging. A well staged home will set you apart from the other thousands of homes on the market!

You can spend $300-$1,000 hiring a stager, renting furniture and every penny you spend will be worth it. Or you can follow these 10 steps and get the same results.


1. Declutter it - There is nothing more important when you are selling your home then to declutter. When you think you've decluttered enough, do more. Removing boxes, unnecessary bulky furniture, kids stuffed animals and piles of your "treasures" will create a welcoming and homey atmosphere that any buyer will enjoy.

2. Lighten & Brighten it - Open your blinds and curtains, turn on all your lamps and overhead lights. Replace burnt out lightbulbs. When replacing your bulbs make sure all the bulbs have the same color. The color temperature of light is defined by Kelvin. Look on the packaging of the bulb for the kelvin number and purchase the same color range.

3. Clean It - Once your home is decluttered it’s time to get rid of the dust bunnies, cobwebs and smudges on the walls, floors and appliances.

4. Curb it - Freshen the mulch, manicure trees & shrubs, seal the driveway, and mow the yard.

5. Make it - I'm sure your kids make their beds each and every day. But, if they don't, help them out before the photographer shows up. Made beds with properly placed pillows along with puffed up couch cushions and pillows will pull a room together.

6. Close it - Close all the toilet lids. You will definitely notice when someone has left the lid up!

7. Expose it - Have views? Show them off. Your professional photographer wants to bring the outside in especially when you have amazing views. Don't have amazing views? That's okay. If you have a beautiful tree in the backyard the photographer will want to capture it.

8. Hide it - Remove any of your trash bins (inside and out). Store your stand mixer, toaster oven and other large appliances in cabinets and pantries.

9. Homey it - Fresh flowers and potted plants are a great way to make your home feel homey.

10. Pick it - Walk your property and pick up any kids toys, tools, dog toys and the like. Remove small furniture that doesn't belong. Give your outdoors a grand feeling.

The cleaner, brighter, and fresher your home looks and feels will be portrayed through the listing photos. Give the photographer the best canvas to work with and you’ll be amazed at the results!

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