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There’s nothing new about aerial photography, only the way it’s performed. Before the invention of the drone you had to use a helicopter to capture breathtaking images from the sky and let’s be honest, who had a budget for that? Since 2006 when the use of non military drones took off, the average American has, at their exposure, a way to capture stunning images from a birds eye view. No one has benefitted more greatly than the real estate industry. Capturing an image from 15’ off the ground or from 300’ off the ground gives a prospective buyer a true sense of what the home and property is like. Your 15 acre listing with private tennis court, in-ground pool, and rolling hills can’t be captured with “regular” photography like it can with a drone. The same goes with the townhome in the city with no backyard but is centrally located to all the local hotspots! The point of aerial photography and video isn’t to solely capture a snapshot of the property but rather to capture the essence of the property that evokes a feeling of belonging and possibilities.

In a post by , According to Multiple Listing Service statistics, properties with aerial imagery are 68% more likely to sell than properties without it and that number is only increasing.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should be using Aerial Images &/or Video with EVERY ONE of your real estate listings.

1. Capture a birds eye view of the entire property - great for properties with lots of acreage and amenities.

2. Give buyers a view of the surrounding neighborhood - great for homes in town or in the city and in developments.

3. View the condition of hard to see places from ground level - check out the roof and gutters as well as ponds and bodies of water.

4. It sells your services as an agent to your clients - Sure, anyone can hire a drone photographer for their listings but, if you consistently use drone images on all of your listings, you will quickly become the go to agent for higher end listings that demand aerial photos.

5. Stay ahead of the curve - Real Estate is an ever changing industry and soon everyone will be using drones and it won’t be a “special” service any longer.

*Book a photo session with us and receive 3 free aerial photos of your property.

*only good for 1 session.

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