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What story do your photos tell?

Imagine it’s a warm and sunny morning around 7:00 am. Tina’s been up for about 15 minutes excited about searching for a new home that her growing family desperately needs! She grabs a cup of coffee, her tablet, and sits at the kitchen table ready to search! Tina taps on her favorite real estate app and enters her search criteria. A 4 bedroom, 2 full bath, colonial style home with over 2,500 square feet and a yard for her kids are a must! Tina has a great job and a healthy budget to work with and wants this move to be the last one before her kids leave the house!

Can you picture the home in your mind? Can you see the beautiful red front door, mature landscaping, stunning hardwood floors, white shaker cabinets with granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and open floor plan? Can you see it? That’s the vision Tina has. But, to Tina’s surprise, she stumbles across your listing and sees:

Now, your listing matches all of Tina's criteria but, to Tina, the photos are telling a different story. The story she is hears/sees is a story of confusion, stress, work, and a lack of care. Furthermore, what is Tina thinking about the agent who posted these photos? It's obvious the seller doesn't care that much but what about the listing agent? How will the transaction go if they didn't care enough to put in some effort and energy to take or have great photos taken? When Tina is ready to buy will she call the listing agent directly or find another agent? When Tina is ready to sell, will she call the agent with the professional photos or the agent who didn't care?

Your listing photos tell two stories:

STORY 1 is a story about the property. It conveys a message about what it's like to live in the house. What it's like to wake up every morning and go to bed every night in that house. It tells a story about what it will be like to raise a family in the house or have friends and family over for the holidays or for parties. It communicates a lifestyle.

STORY 2 is a story about you, the agent. Realtors are trusted advisors that clients look to for advice and service! Are you conveying your worth to your current clients and more importantly to your future clients? The photos and marketing you do for your clients home show the level of care and effort you are willing to put in. If you are a level 10 in your effort and execution, your reputation will spread quickly. This will lead to more clients, which will lead to more commissions, leading to a better quality of life!

What story are you currently telling?

The Right Angle Media Co. loves to partner with agents and brokers who are looking to communicate a story of professionalism and expertise. We focus on the story so you can focus on your client.

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