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Seriously, You posted that?

There comes a time in everyone's life when they look at themselves in the mirror and say, "why did I post that?"

For example:

You're fighting with your wife and out of rage and anger, (because she didn't wash your lucky jersey before the big game) you post an unflattering picture of her with a title that reads, "If only you could make off season trades in marriage." or "too bad the trade deadlines over. Guess I missed my window of opportunity."


You're a college student, which means the days are long and so are the nights! Studying is your priority but one night you decide to take a well deserved break from the books and decide to finally go to that party your roommate has been inviting you to. 4 hours and 12 beers later you're taking inappropriate selfies and posting them on Instagram like Miley Cyrus at Hollywood house party.


You're a realtor and just landed the listing you've been working so hard to get. You've wowed them with your knowledge and expertise of the market. They are mesmerized by your marketing plan and strategy to bring them a well qualified buyer as quickly as possible. Then...... this happens:


Now, obviously you know the pictures you just took with your iPhone 7+ aren't the best but, you really need to get the photos up on the MLS because that's what you've promised your clients. So, you post them on and hope for the best.

Don't give yourself the chance to say "why did I post that?"

We can't stop you from posting that stupid picture and comment about your spouse. And we certainly can't prevent you from posting inappropriate selfies after an all night binge.

But we can and would love to make you look like a rockstar to your clients so their homes sell quicker and for top dollar and so you can secure more quality listings.

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